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Here are five ways to change the way you eat and lose weight The first option is to start with a healthy breakfast. It will help you recharge your body. A good energy breakfast you can try is Quaker Oats with 2% milk (low fat) and a slice of banana. It is an energizing breakfast that will help you get the energy and mood you need. If you don't like oatmeal, try yogurt with chia seeds. If you have your own ideas for an energy breakfast that can help you lose weight, please share them in the comments below.

The second option is not to eat late at night. Do not eat dinner after 9 pm. Eating when you are tired and lethargic can slow down your entire metabolism and your food may not be digested properly. If you need to eat late at night, eat almonds or cashew nuts. Almonds are high in fiber and many feel full earlier and help to increase bowel habits.

Despite the importance of breakfast as a meal, you should not forget your lunch or snack when you are at work. If you snack regularly, you increase your chances of keeping your metabolism in good shape and working efficiently. This will help you to avoid overeating. Blueberries, strawberries and apples are good snacks. You can also eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains that are better than processed foods, have a high sugar and fat content and are low in nutrients. Foods high in sugar and sodium, such as bread, are not healthy, especially for people with diabetes and high blood pressure.

The fourth way to change the way you eat and lose weight is to include more fiber in your diet. Fiber is a good way to feel full and eat less at the same time. That's why steamed broccoli with a little garlic and vinegar sprinkled on top is more satisfying than a high-calorie cookie. This is also why you will feel fuller with a handful of almonds than with five slices of bread with soda or two pizzas.

The fifth option is to reduce the amount of food you eat. Start by halving your usual meals and increasing the amount of colorful fruits and vegetables you add to your diet. If you regularly add chia seeds to your diet, you will increase your fiber and nutrients without increasing the amount of food you eat. Instead of eating ice cream or cookies at the end of your meal, drink water or green tea. A calorie-free drink can allow you to have a snack without disturbing your meal. Every time you drink water and have a cup of green tea at least once a day, you will feel fuller and possibly strengthen your immune system.

Now that you have learned some of the ways in which you can change your eating habits and lose weight, visit Dala Compass Academy to discover and develop your own relentless transformation strategies.